Pregnancy & Postpartum Mental Health

If you're pregnant, trying to conceive, or a new mom it's important to be aware of and talk about your mental health. At Infinity Wellness Associates, we've got your back. 

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Pregnancy & Postpartum Myths

When it comes to pregnancy and postpartum mental health, there are so many myths circulating the internet. These myths can cause a lot of confusion and ultimately make new parents experience unnecessary feelings of inadequacy. With that said, let's debunk some myths!

Did you know that...

1 in 7 women are diagnosed with postpartum depression.

1 in 10 men experience parental postpartum depression.

Caitlin Wolowski


Caitlin is our in-house perinatal and postpartum expert. As a postpartum anxiety survivor, she is extremely passionate about working with new moms, those that hope to be moms, and those that have experienced loss around conception and pregnancy.

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